Opia is a supplier of concrete tiles, Zellige & home-ware based in South Africa. Our products are designed and handmade by internationally renowned companies in Morocco



Discovered in France in 1850,  the outstanding durability of concrete tiles led to a rapid development all over the world. It has since been impossible to replicate an industrial product with the same quality and character


Zellige are the beads of the tile world and probably the most iconic representation of Morocco. Today, as this little tile continues its journey, it has adapted to modern interiors, bestowing its character on both walls and floors


Moroccan pottery tells a story of culture.. Created from different soil types found nowhere else in the world, they are molded in to works of art. With their pattern and vibrant colours, they have gained place as an international heritage



At OPIA, we are aware that products are not only defined by their utility but also by the feelings they evoke in us and the uniqueness they bring to an interior. In this simple approach, we partnered with renowned specialists in the sophisticated art of concrete tiles, Zellige and home-ware accessories.

All our products are hand-made, respectful of the materials and craftsmen who surpassed themselves to offer the best quality.