'The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, 
but their inward significance.' - Aristotle

Opia Design is a supplier of handmade, concrete and zellige tiles as well as homeware in South Africa. Our products are designed by internationally renowned creators and handmade by skilled artisans in Morocco.  

Born and raised in Belgium, our roots always brought us back to Morocco where we enjoyed its ancestral treasures and flourishing artisanal culture. From our different backgrounds, we kept the best and created a space where tradition and modernity is constantly reinvented. We share this common language of multiculturalism with South Africa; the diversity of the country makes us feel at home and naturally invites us to share our common passion for design and architecture.

At Opia, we consider our homes to be the beginning of our stories; we thrive to offer interiors rich of our customer’s identity; 
sustainable and respectful of the people and the resources involved.



We’ve partnered with internationally renowned designers, Popham Design & Ateliers Zelij to bring the best of Moroccan tiles to South Africa.




The renovation of a 250 year old home in the Marrakech medina inspired Caitlin & Samuel Dowe-Sandes to start a handmade tile company, Popham Design. Founded in 2007, Popham designs and manufactures handmade concrete tiles embellishing interiors all around the world. The concept is simple: celebrate and maintain the traditional tile making craft, while updating it with modern patterns and color palettes. Each tile is lovingly and conscientiously made by expert hands in their factory in Marrakech and offer fresh alternatives for walls and floors. The company is an inspiring example of rewarding employment where people and products are treated with respect. Incredibly generous and close to their team, the couple are on hand daily at the workshop to ensure the best quality of their tiles.

Visit pophamdesign.com

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Born from the meeting of two designers Samir Mazer & Delphine Laporte, Ateliers Zelij is undoubtedly one of the best mirrors of Moroccan craft. With a responsible design approach of combining traditional technique with contemporary pattern, these designers have reintroduced Zellige back on to the front page of surface trends. Ateliers Zelij was founded with a vision to create an open and united creative industry in which the responsible economy is the result of social and environmental progress. Today, Ateliers Zelij is a reference for the creation and the production of zelliges, recognized by leading architects agencies and international brands. Their competence in the production of antic models as well as their ability to create contemporary surfaces positions them as expert surface creators. 

Visit zelij.com