ateliers zellige


Zellige are the beads of the tile world and the most iconic representation of Morocco. Today, as this little tile continues its journey, it has adapted to modern interiors, bestowing its character on both walls and floors.


Concrete Tiles

Manufactured in France since 1850, the outstanding durability of concrete tiles led to a rapid development all over the world. It has since been impossible to replicate an industrial product with the same quality and character.



While focusing on interior design redefinition, we pride ourselves on maintaining an ethical approach towards the production & supply of our products.

The materials and processes used to create both our concrete tiles and zellige are environmentally friendly. Our suppliers aim to follow a manufacturing process that adds as little stress on to the environment as possible, sourcing locally, using recycled packaging, grey water wherever possible and solar powered heating.

 Our suppliers are engaged to guarantee a fair salary and social protection to all their employees. We consider that protecting artisans is what keeps a culture alive. Both Popham Design and Ateliers Zelij practice fair labor by providing their employees with a safe and healthy workplace in the form of paid holidays, health care benefits and an environmentally friendly production system. Opia and our suppliers are dedicated to maintaining an open, honest and respectful relationship with our customers.