The Moroccan ceramic pottery is created from different types of soil found nowhere else in the world, molded into works of art. Their unique patterns and vibrant colors have now gained their place as a world-class heritage.

The pottery tells a story about the influences of the different regions and represents a distinctive synthesis of varied cultural heritages: Berber (influenced by the Carthaginians and Greeks and the tribal arts of sub-Saharan Africa), Arab, Persian, Sumerian, French, English, Moorish, Egyptian, and Andalusian.

At the same time, Moroccan pottery is still tied to the belief of magic and evil spirits. In the Middle Atlas, pottery was used to predict the type of year a person was going to have. People would place a couscous steamer on a tent pole and then push it off. If it only broke into a few large pieces, then the year would be good. If it fell and shattered into many tiny pieces, people were invited to be in solidarity to face the cold winter and hard times ahead.

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