How To: Make a Grand Entrance

Despite being the first space not only yourself but also your visitors access, entrances are often an afterthought when renovating. However, your entrance hall gives visitors a first look in to your interior and so it is (not-so-surprisngly) one of the most important decisions you’ll make. We’re not talking about a grandiose entrance but rather a good looking bench or credenza stacked with books and mementos, or perhaps a wall of personal photographs or a striking mirror. The smallest touch can be enough to make a significant difference.

Whether you prefer a warm and inviting yet simple entrance. or something as smashing as a great tiled floor; here are some ideas that can set the tone and inspire your new entrance hall.

Play with Pattern & Texture

Add a bold and daring element by making use of tiles, paint and wallpaper.

Dress it Up

Budget constraints? Play with accessories. Create a gallery wall using your favourite prints and photographs. Add a pop of colour with your furniture and add accents that hint to the rest of your home. The most important point: keep it clear and avoid clutter.