Blue & Wood

Walking around Paris will most often lead you to discover the narrow streets lined with working-class houses built in the 1930s. Often dark and narrow, they meet with very little enthusiasm for their aesthetic appeal. However, with some work and imagination, they can become a cosy and welcoming nest.

With the help of the architect Olivier Stadler, a young couple accepted the challenge and successfully proved that anything can be transformed in to a work of art. This week we take you in to one of those homes where wood, light and shades of blue have worked wonders. Audrey and her husband were first drawn to the back deck, which had the potential to bring additional light and open the space to the outdoors.

The bay windows have been enlarged, and an extension has been built to accommodate the new kitchen and dining area. Skylights have been added to prevent isolation of the new space. The wallpaper and the zellige tiles in Petrol Blue bring contrast to the black kitchen and natural wood. Upstairs, the blue tones were kept on the main walls, and additional skylights were created to bring natural light.

The living space became bigger as the kitchen was moved to the new extension, while the upstairs maintains its original blue tones on the main walls.

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