Shipping & Returns

Shipping Domestic

On request, we can organise the transport of the merchandise by a professional carrier, for a price that will be announced to the client in advance. No insurance whatsoever is included in this price. We cannot be held responsible for any delays due to the transport. A person must be present on site and available by telephone at any time for the delivery. If the delivery address is not accessible by a vehicle the size of a public transport bus, the client should have made this known before the delivery. If a person is not present for the delivery, or if the delivery could not be made due to inaccuracies in the conditions of accessibility, the cost of the new delivery will also be charged to the client and must be paid before the new delivery takes place.


Upon presentation of the invoice or of the receipt. Our merchandise normally cannot be returned nor exchanged, except for the cases stated below:

  1. Returns to the Cape Town warehouse within one month from the purchase and on the customer’s charge, if they are intact in their original packaging
  2. Plain 10x10cm and 5x5cm zellige tiles, plain 20x20cm floor cement tiles may be taken back at 70% of the price stated on the sales invoice, if returned in their full original boxes and in good condition. A full original box is understood to mean filled with the original tiles and possibly opened to check conformity. Under no circumstances will we take back a box that has been assorted or contains tiles other than the original ones, nor will we take back individual tiles.
  3. No returns will be allowed for retailers or private clients ordering specific designs or more than 20m2 of a specific model.